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Artist Statement

I feel fortunate to have inherited my father’s artistic nature. He became an excellent artist in his later life... and he was self-taught. Dad had painted in oils, whereas I have become enthusiastic about watercolor media. Although watercolor paints are my primary medium, I also can take a mixed media approach. When using this mode of art, I can incorporate gouache, acrylics, pencil,  and collage papers. My painting style is mostly representational and ranges from impressionism to realism. The subject matter also varies. It spans an eclectic array, and includes vintage automobiles, human characters, mother nature's creatures and botanicals, and scenes from my travels. For an occasional change of pace, I enjoy plein aire painting for the freshness and spontaneity it seems to instill in my artwork.


My artistic process is a spiritual one. When I paint it therapeutically allows me to transcend everyday stresses and physical pain, and become energized. I experience a great sense of fulfillment watching my visualizations come alive on paper.


In everything I see —— I see art. Creating it is a way of life; the experience increases the fun and excitement in my life.                 


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