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Creatures Gallery
$ consult artist
Spotted Friend
$115 framed
Give a Hoot
$195 framed
Among the Lily Pads
available as print or as part of triptych - contact artist
Holding on for Dear Life
SOLD - print available
Benny Bull Frog
$145 framed
Hold on Tight
SOLD - prints available
Peek-a-Boo Frog
SOLD - print available
Orange Mosaic Frog
SOLD - print available
Poised to Jump
SOLD - print available
Purple Spotted Twins
SOLD - print available
Colorful Kestrel
$180 framed -
King of the Hen House
$120 framed
Barnyard Bully
$110 framed
Butterfly Blues
$210 framed
Croaking Choir
$210 framed - $105 unframed
All Dolled Up
$185 framed
Lady in Red
SOLD - prints available
Love at First Sight
$95 framed
Blue Toucan
$235 framed - $115 unframed
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